“Hunger Games” merchandise a huge hit

Published by adviser, Author: Katie Ellis - Rocket Contributor, Date: March 30, 2012

America is feeling the effects of “The Hunger Games” pandemonium that was unleashed over the weekend, as the movie debuted domestically to a $155 million opening weekend, while worldwide sales reached a total of $214 million.

With the buzz surrounding the blockbuster film, companies are mass-producing merchandise and apparel in support of this year’s biggest film. Everything from pillowcases to laptop decals to T-shirts supporting District 12’s heroes are being sold as the hype surrounding the movie increases every day.

If you’ve already seen the movie and want to go again, or are planning on going for the first time in the coming weeks, be sure to pick up the replica arena jacket and training shirt to support your favorite tribute.  Both pieces are shockingly accurate representations of what Katniss and Peeta wear as they train for the games and what they wear into the arena.

The training shirt retails for $59.99 while the arena jacket retails for $149.99 on Amazon.com.  These items are sure to impress your friends as you proudly step foot into the movie theater ready to enter the “games.”

Can’t get enough of the movie’s leading men? Then run, don’t walk, to the nearest Hot Topic to get yourself a T-shirt adorned with a picture of Josh Hutcherson as the lovable Peeta and Liam Hemsworth as Katniss’s best friend, Gale. Both shirts can be purchased for a reasonable $22.50.

The retailer of all things pop culture also sells shirts adorned with the face of the film’s heroic leading lady for the same price.  Among the other items the store sells are “Hunger Games” themed watches, the China Glaze Capitol Colours collection, and the Mockingjay pin worn by Katniss in the arena.  This accessory can be purchased for around $13.

Even toy giant Mattel is getting in on the action, with the announcement that they will be releasing a Katniss Everdeen Barbie doll later this year.  It has become quite an honor for a celebrity or a character to have their likeliness turned in to America’s most famous doll with Barbra Streisand and Bella Swan from “Twilight” getting the honor in 2010.

The Katniss doll can be expected to retail for around $30, comparable to the price of the latest Bella doll available for purchase earlier this year.

“There’s an app for that!” The popular phrase can also now be used in association with this year’s biggest blockbuster, with the release of the “Hunger Games: Girl on Fire” game.  Created by Lions Gate Films Inc., fans of the movie can play as Katniss as she defends herself from Tracker Jackers and ventures into the woods of District 12.

The game has an extras section where you can buy tickets, watch the trailer, and become a citizen before going to see the movie. It’s available for free on the App Store.

The marketing for this movie has reached such a high level that gyms in Philadelphia and New York have created a workout routine fit for a tribute.  The routine, which involves a series of character-driven exercises, is called “Train Like a Tribute.”

Participants are able to try an exercise called “Katniss Killers,” where you can put your archery skills to the test.  The person who does the best in the class receives a Mockingjay pin as a well-deserved reward.

“The Hunger Games” trilogy has the potential to become a major marketing giant over the course of the next few years, as “Catching Fire” and “Mockingjay” are released to the public.

After a record-setting debut weekend at the box office, the expectations are high as Lions Gate continues to market what is sure to be a highly successful franchise.  From the looks of things so far, the odds are definitely in their favor.


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