The life of a bodybuilder

Published by adviser, Author: Madeline Williams - Assistant Sports Editor, Date: March 30, 2012

If you’re in the Aebersold Student Recreation Center on any weekday afternoon, chances are, you might spot 22-year-old, elementary and special education major Adam Gibson pumping iron and preparing for his next bodybuilding show.

Gibson got involved with bodybuilding during his freshman year of college, when his roommate at the time, Patrick Conti, took him to the gym during Christmas break to show him the ropes.

Gibson graduated from Laurel High School in 2008. He played football, basketball, and sprinted on the track team in high school.

“Growing up, I was always active in sports throughout high school,” Gibson said. “I never thought of trying bodybuilding, but after my first show, I was hooked.”

Gibson participated in his first competition during the spring of 2010 at the annual Mr. and Mrs. SRU Bodybuilding and Figure Show. He placed fifth in the heavyweight division.

“Since my first show, body building has become addicting and I just can’t get enough,” Gibson said. “It’s amazing to see the results after many vigorous weeks of dieting and training, and how you can completely shape and form your body. The feeling I get being on stage is the greatest high I could ever feel.”

This past weekend, at the 2012 Mr. and Mrs. SRU Show, Gibson placed 2nd in the men’s closed heavyweight division and 2nd in the men’s open light-heavy division.

In addition to nonstop workouts for the last few months, he has maintained a strict dietary schedule and sleeping routine.

“I’ve learned so much since my first show,” Gibson said. “I’m not nervous like I was my freshman year. Since then, I’ve learned how to diet properly and the right poses to do on stage. It’s all about symmetry, leanness, composure, and muscle definition, and I’ve improved greatly in all aspects of body building.“

Tomorrow, Gibson will be traveling to Lakewood, Ohio to compete in the NPC Natural Ohio. For this show, they drug-test the winners to make sure no one is using steroids or enhancements.

“I’m actually pretty nervous for this weekend,” Gibson said. “It’s a huge show with a lot of people, but it’s my last show for year and I’m really excited to see how I do.”

After this weekend, Gibson will continue lifting and working out every day. With graduation approaching next spring, he plans to take some time away from competing to focus on wrapping up his senior year.

After his graduation in the spring of 2013, Gibson plans to get a teaching job and continue competing in all-natural bodybuilding shows.

“I can definitely see myself doing bodybuilding shows as I get older,” Gibson said. “I want to stay in shape, but I also have a great time competing as well. My motto is ‘lift every day like it’s your last’ and always keep pushing forward.”



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