Signs You Need an Oil Change Even if the Light Isn’t On

Published by Partnered Content, Date: March 13, 2024
Signs You Need an Oil Change Even if the Light Isn’t On

As first-time car owners, many college students believe they don’t need to maintain their car until a warning light comes on. However, that isn’t always true. These signs may show you need an oil change even if the light isn’t on.

Why Change Your Oil?

Getting oil changes is an important part of responsible car ownership, whether your check oil light has come on or you’ve noticed one of the signs outlined in this blog. Regular oil changes have many benefits, including improving fuel efficiency and increasing vehicle life. It might seem annoying to change your oil, but it’s worth it. Now that you know why you should change your oil, let’s talk about some signs you need an oil change, even if the light isn’t on.

Your Oil Level Is Low

Regularly checking your oil with a dipstick is a great way to know when it’s time for an oil change. Use the dipstick in your car to check the oil level. It’s time for an oil change if it’s below the minimum line, as driving a vehicle with a low oil level can cause serious damage to its engine.

Dirty Oil

Dirty oil is another thing you can check for with the dipstick. The color of oil will vary as it ages, starting as translucent and darkening over time. While a darker color isn’t an immediate cause for concern, it might be a sign it’s time for a change if the dark color is coming from the oil being dirty. Grainy or thick oil is a strong sign that it’s time to get an oil change.

Burning Smell

No driver wants their car to smell like it’s burning. Engine oil plays a critical role in ensuring your engine stays cool, so a burning smell may be a sign you don’t have enough oil to prevent overheating. A burning smell could also indicate an oil leak, making it especially important to get your car to a shop ASAP.

Getting an oil change might not be how you want to spend your free time between classes, but it is important for keeping your car in working order. Don’t wait until the light comes on—schedule routine oil changes and keep your eyes peeled for these signs that your vehicle is due for a trip to the shop!


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