How To Fall Asleep Before a Stressful Day

Published by Partnered Content, Date: December 14, 2023
How To Fall Asleep Before a Stressful Day

All of us have experienced those nights before a particularly stressful day of classes or upcoming deadlines where we just can’t sleep. But the stresses of tomorrow shouldn’t become something to lose sleep over, and there are some ways to ensure you fall asleep faster. Here are a few ways to fall asleep before a stressful day that ensure you get enough shut-eye to take on the world.

Stick to a Sleep Schedule

Consistency plays a significant role in setting your body’s inner clock. A fixed sleep schedule trains your body to wake up and sleep at the same time every day. Aim to have a specific bedtime and waking hour each day, even on weekends or binge-watch nights.

Use your smartphone or a handy alarm clock to remind you to wind down 30 minutes before your bedtime. Remember that this internal clock continues even on late nights of studying for an exam in the morning, so if you need to cram, you may need a little coffee to stay awake a little longer.

Create a Soothing Sleep Environment

Transforming your room into a haven of tranquility greatly aids in falling asleep. The ideal sleep space should be dark, quiet, and cool—this might involve investing in blackout curtains, a fan, or a white noise machine.

Choose your bedding wisely, and don’t be afraid to spend a little extra on a higher thread count. Pick breathable fabrics, and ensure your mattress and pillows are comfortable and in good shape to help you fall asleep before your stressful day.

Embrace Alternative Sleep Solutions

Sometimes, modern medicine might not fit the bill regarding sleep troubles. Alternative treatments like homeopathic remedies for sleeplessness may mitigate causes of insomnia, such as stress.

In-home solutions like practicing yoga or guided meditation can be an excellent addition to your bedtime routine. Consult a health professional before experimenting with any new supplements or alternative therapies.

Tame the Technology

Our beloved gadgets might be our worst enemies when we’re trying to fall asleep. The exposure to the blue light emitted by our screens messes with our internal clock and tricks us into staying awake longer. Consider putting away your devices at least an hour before bedtime and focus on non-screen activities instead, like reading.

If you must use your devices, switch on features like Night Shift (for Apple products) or download apps like f.lux that adjust your screen’s tone according to the time of day, reducing blue light exposure.

Following these simple yet effective methods makes drifting off to dreamland a breeze, even on the eve of a nerve-racking day. College is about finding what works for you, so don’t be afraid to adjust your sleep routine until you find the perfect recipe for sweet slumber.


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