4 Tips for Buying a Pair of Dirt Bike Goggles

Published by Partnered Content, Date: September 1, 2023
4 Tips for Buying a Pair of Dirt Bike Goggles

After working hard in your classes, riding your dirt bike can be a great way to decompress. But protecting your eyes as you travel through rugged terrain is important. Explore tips for buying a pair of dirt bike goggles to protect your eyes and better enjoy your time off-road and out of the classroom.

Look for Field of Vision

Like your helmet, a pair of goggles is an essential piece of dirt bike gear you should own. When you shop for them, look for ones that give you a good field of vision. You must have a clear view of your environment as you ride so you can spot things that could otherwise cause an accident. Although getting this level of vision in your goggles may cost you more, it might help prevent a serious accident someday.

Pick Ones That Feature Foam

A foam layer is another feature you should prioritize when buying a pair of dirt bike goggles. The foam will prevent pieces of dirt from getting inside and obscuring your vision as you ride. It will also keep you comfortable as the goggles press against your skin. After all, if it hurts to wear your goggles, you probably won’t feel too happy about doing so.

Find Goggles With a Strong Strap

Your goggles should definitely have a strong strap. This component is critical to ensuring the goggles stay over your eyes. Pick a pair with a wide strap if you plan to wear goggles over your helmet as you ride. That will keep them in place and stop them from falling so they continue providing your eyes with the proper protection.

Avoid Fogging With Vents

Something else that can be problematic while riding is your goggles becoming foggy. This obscures your vision, which can increase your chances of an accident. You can prevent this by looking for goggles with ventilation features. Vents let the air easily move in and out of your goggles, eliminating the fog and helping you stay safe.

Now that you know these tips for buying a pair of dirt bike goggles, you can give your eyes the protection they need on your next ride. This will prevent you from getting hurt and allow you to comfortably spend more of your free time riding.


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