Benefits of Using Batting Weights for Your Swing

Published by Partnered Content, Date: November 15, 2022
Benefits of Using Batting Weights for Your Swing

Every baseball or softball player looks for anything that brings success, even if it’s as silly as turning your hat inside out. Batting weights are one thing hitters can turn to that makes more sense than the rally cap. The benefits of using batting weights for your swing can help finetune your mechanics and drive the ball further than you ever have before.

Builds Muscle

Like how you’d lift heavier weights in the gym to build muscle, bat weights accomplish the same goal. Gaining strength and becoming a powerful hitter is one way to hit the ball out of the ballpark. As you swing with bat weights, your upper body muscles will enhance, allowing you to train parts conducive to hitting the long ball. In addition to your upper body, your arms and wrists will gain more strength, helping you get your bat through the zone.

Practice Makes Perfect

Since science tells you that a heavier bat hits the ball farther, it’s wise to acclimate yourself to the extra weight when practicing, enabling you to opt for a heavier bat when you can. While you’re not going to take live batting practice from a pitcher throwing gas, you can get some cuts in with your added weights if the pitcher tosses it underhand. Not only does this drill get you warmed up, but it forces you to use the lower half of your body. You won’t be able to generate much bat speed if you don’t use the drive from your lower half, and swinging hard only using your arms is a recipe for disaster.

Makes Every Bat Feel Lighter

When you begin practicing with batting weights, you’ll notice immediately how much heavier they make the bat. Since you’re used to your bat’s standard weight, it may feel awkward with your first few cuts. But the added benefit is that batting weights make every bat feel lighter. Even if your bat speed remains the same with every cut, it will feel like you’re swinging harder. That confidence boost puts you in an optimistic frame of mind, leading to positive results.

A Good Workout

Even if you aren’t a baseball player, throwing weights on a bad can be an excellent workout regimen. Taking multiple swings with a bat that weighs around 40 ounces will wear you out, particularly if you are hitting a ball. Your cardiovascular health and strength will vastly improve, making it a premier workout for any hitter who wants to add more pop to their swing.

As you prepare in the off-season, consider the benefits of using batting weights for your swing. Implementing this during your downtime will give you a leg up on the competition and helps you ramp up before the next season begins.


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