U.S. Cities With the Most Solar Energy Potential

Published by Partnered Content, Date: July 25, 2022
U.S. Cities With the Most Solar Energy Potential

When measuring solar power, you need to have the correct elements to gain as much energy from the sun as possible. Not every place on the planet is a hotspot for this, but it has the potential to be. There are a few areas in the United States with the most UV exposure annually, making them the top contenders for U.S. cities with the most solar energy potential.

How Did We Choose?

There are areas in the nation that are more photovoltaic or, able to conduct electricity from sunlight; these areas get the most sun exposure. which are the locations with the most sun exposure. Google has had a project going on for a while now which tracks these areas and other places for potential solar energy hotspots. It’s good to know ways your location factors into solar power benefits so that you can find a great spot for these panels. Project Sunroof has helped solar energy spread its wings over the years to get more people to invest in renewable energy.

Additional Factors Chosen

The most generalized means of looking for solar energy is what we have to work with already. Looking for annual weather patterns is the single most significant factor. Location is another huge factor in how much solar energy is in use—or has potential—in any location. The last factor is viable roof space. So, owning a business or a home creates a massive potential for a solar panel system in your area.

Top Cities Ranked

Currently, these are the nation’s top three cities that use the most solar energy. Honolulu, Hawaii is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Sunlight reflects off the water, making it the top spot in the nation currently using solar power. Then, there is San Diego, California. This city also gains a lot of sun reflection from the coastal waters and the cityscape, allowing solar panels to generate a lot of power. Thirdly, Albuquerque, New Mexico is one of the largest cities in the west. Pair that with its desert location that rarely lacks sunlight, and you have a hotbed for solar power.

These U.S. cities with the most solar energy potential are also using this potential to harvest free energy. Maybe your city is next in line for this miraculous, natural way of sustainable energy.


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