5 Common Signs You Need To Replace Your Engine

Published by Partnered Content, Date: March 18, 2022
5 Common Signs You Need To Replace Your Engine

Ensuring your vehicle’s engine remains operational can be a big responsibility. But eventually, engines fail and will need replacement. Before your engine shuts down completely, learn to recognize these common signs you need to replace your engine.

Check Engine Light

If the engine light stays on no matter what you do to fix the problem, this could be a sign that the engine is failing. Modern engines have systems that monitor all activity in the engine; if any of these functions do not respond correctly, the check engine light will turn on. So if you notice this light stays on regardless of your efforts, it may be time for a new engine.

Lower Gas Mileage

Every car has a set amount of mileage it can get per gallon of gas in the tank. If you start to notice this mileage growing smaller despite the amount of gas you usually put in, your engine may be failing to process gas for the vehicle. If the rate at which your gas mileage is getting shorter starts to hasten, you may need to replace your engine soon.

Strange Noises

If you hear a clanking noise when you start the engine, there may be a problem with the pistons within. Cylinders surround the pistons, and as time goes on, the pistons will wear down the cylinder wall, leaving enough space that the pistons may jostle around and hit the wall. This internal damage to the structure will require a replacement engine or a complete rebuild.

Stalling Engine

Fuel ignites in the combustion chamber of an engine, and the resulting chemical reaction powers the car. If the engine stalls, there may be a problem with this process. Automatic cars are less likely to stall, but they still can. If your car has an automatic transmission and is constantly stalling, it may be time to replace the engine.

Excess Exhaust

If you notice a strong smell of exhaust coming from the car, your engine may be using more gas than usual to keep the vehicle powered. An engine that’s working harder than usual to sustain the energy your vehicle needs to drive will fail at some point. Cleaning the engine may help, but if the problem persists, then a replacement may be necessary.

You want to make sure your engine performs well so that your car performs well. But if you start experiencing vehicle troubles, keep in mind these common signs you need to replace your engine.


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