What You Should Know Before Majoring in Music

Published by Partnered Content, Date: December 13, 2021
What You Should Know Before Majoring in Music

Music is an important part of nearly every culture on Earth. Some people feel an uncontrollable drive to study and perfect their relationship with an instrument, a song, or an orchestra. If you are one of those people, you probably have at least considered studying music in college. But it’s unwise to jump into an area of study without first looking into some of the prerequisites. This article will explore what you should know before majoring in music.

Play With Other People

Students who went to schools with strong choir, orchestra, musical theater, or band programs have an advantage over students who did not. Working within an ensemble forces students to hone skills like tuning, reading music, blending, following a conductor, and balancing. Students who are not already studying in these environments should seek them out before committing to music as their major.

Play Piano

Many music majors require that you play the piano. If you don’t already have a background in the instrument, you should pick it up as you consider majoring in music. If you have a little background with piano, dust off the old books and get back to it. Piano playing is one of the most important items among the list of what you should know before majoring in music.

Listen to Music

It’s hard to imagine being a successful music major without having a strong interest in music. If you want to consider music as an area of study and possible career, you should spend time familiarizing yourself with as many styles as possible. But don’t just listen passively. You should invest in high-quality headphones or relisten to albums. Do whatever it takes to improve your music listening experience.

Study the Technology

Music technology is a practically inescapable part of the major. Being familiar with computer notation will benefit people studying the subject, both short and long term. Commonly used programs include Sibelius and Finale.


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