Why You Need an Amp for Your Acoustic Guitar

Published by Partnered Content, Date: November 17, 2021
Why You Need an Amp for Your Acoustic Guitar

All hail the acoustic guitar. This lovely instrument produces incredible sounds and songs, but what if no one can hear you play? You don’t need an electric guitar to increase your sound. Plug in your acoustic to an amplifier so that your music reaches more people. Keep reading to uncover more reasons why you need an amp for your acoustic guitar.

Produce a Pure Tone

While you can plug your acoustic guitar into an electric guitar amp, it might not produce the same quality sound as an acoustic amp. Use an acoustic amp for the purest sound. It’s great for performances while practicing as they can hear the instrument’s true sound.

Turn Up the Volume

The key benefit to having an amp is that it makes your sound louder. Whether you’re playing indoors or outdoors, it helps amplify your music. Your sound can get lost in the sea of other instruments or the wash of traffic, so use an amp to project it. When choosing the right amp, start with smaller ones.

Home Recording

If you plan on recording music, you’ll need amps for that too. Find an amp that comes with features like USB connectivity and mic modeling so you can reproduce your sound in different ways. However, stick to models you can afford; you don’t need to blow your entire budget on amps.

It’s important to understand why you need an amp for your acoustic guitar so you can start producing quality tones that everyone can hear when you play a gig. Whether you play in a band or solo, using an amp gives you a professional edge. You can showcase your talents around campus, at local venues, and more when you have the right equipment. Further, you must decide to rent or build studio space to record an album. So get an acoustic amp for your guitar before your next session or show.


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