Easy Ways To Manage and Reduce Your Anxiety

Published by Partnered Content, Date: November 16, 2021
Easy Ways To Manage and Reduce Your Anxiety

College is an exciting time for many people. You experience new classes, opportunities, and people that all open your mind to new thoughts and studies. Unfortunately, college also stresses students, given the course work and social intimidation. Still, check out these easy ways to manage and reduce your anxiety so that you can enjoy your college experience to the fullest.


Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce anxiety for college students. Whether it’s a walk across campus or visiting the college gym, there are many ways to stay active and help calm you down. While it may seem strange, physical activity stimulates the brain but also relieves mental stress. That’s because as you exercise, your brain releases stress hormones and endorphins to make you happier, relaxed, and calm.


Don’t forget to sleep. There are many reasons why you need eight hours of sleep each night. One reason is to reduce stress and anxiety. If you’re a night owl or stay up late due to schoolwork, video games, or watching TV, there’s a high chance you’re more anxious than someone who sleeps eight hours each night. Sleeping regulates your hormones and reduces natural anxiety. With a good night’s rest, you feel more naturally awake throughout the day. This energy helps keep you productive and saves more time throughout your day than if you stay up late and sleep in.

Keep a Journal

Sometimes it also helps to write out your feelings. Don’t be afraid to keep a journal where you can write down what you’re anxious about. Writing in a journal can relieve stress and anxiety as well as promote a positive mindset. Consider writing your goals and aspirations in your journal too. Focus your thoughts on positive experiences while thinking through negative ones. Even light meditation and thoughtfulness can help relieve you of emotional or environmental stressors weighing down your mind.

Spend Time With Friends

Another easy way to manage and reduce your anxiety is simply to spend time with friends. College can be a stressful experience if you’re away from home. As one of the first moments of independence for many students, not having a family support network is a scary experience. However, talk to friends about your issues. They’ll share their thoughts or opinions and help you navigate your stress. Better yet, they’ll help you build new memories and friendships that will leave you happy and relaxed.


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