Tips for Getting Started in a Small Apartment

Published by Partnered Content, Date: September 21, 2021
Tips for Getting Started in a Small Apartment

Small apartments come with considerable upsides. You have closer proximity to downtown, there’s less to clean, and they provide a cozy ambiance that larger spaces don’t have. The following are tips for getting started in a small apartment and making the most out of the space you have. You also should know how to correctly furnish and decorate a smaller area to avoid feeling cramped or claustrophobic.

Give Each Area a Purpose

The open concept way of living is still all the rage these days. This concept can be overwhelming to some, and no definition creates a messy look. Providing each space a defined area and purpose will help alleviate this issue. Try placing a coat rack and shoe bench next to the entrance, and strategically place a buffet table between the kitchen and dining room for easy serving and added storage.

Don’t be afraid to use your hobbies and interests when it comes to separating rooms and decorating. Use plants to show the change of a room’s use or find a bike rack that transforms your bike into a piece of art.

Use Space Effectively

If you take a look around your apartment, you may find that you aren’t using your space effectively. Even though you’re just getting started, the trick is to think vertically. Remember this question “how can I use this space better?” Pay attention to unused corners and big blanks walls and use those to your advantage. For example, you can buy a corner shelving unit to create a place to store the serving platters you rarely use.

Dual-Purpose Furniture

Every inch counts when you’re dealing with a small space. Make the most of each area by investing in furniture that will serve multiple purposes. Switch mindsets, and instead of working your space around furniture, purchase pieces that will work with you. Think about ottomans with hidden storage, bed frames with storage underneath, or a trundle bed that can convert to a couch for watching tv. Be sure to keep it size-appropriate for your space.

Figure Out Organization

We all know that organization is king when it comes to living in small apartments. You need to invest in storage that will keep everything organized inside. Those shoe hangers that hang off the back of doors are great for shoe storage, snacks, and cleaning supplies. Line your shelves with small baskets to keep them looking uniform and organized.

After you implemented a system that works for you, you must utilize it. Remember to put things back where they go because small areas can get cluttered quickly.

Uncluttering your apartment regularly after you’ve settled will help keep your space feeling open and spacious and not overwhelming. Stick to uncluttering each area separately to keep track. Get into the habit of asking yourself if you truly need something before you buy it, or if you must buy it, what could you get rid of to make space for that item. Enjoy implementing these tips for getting started in a small apartment.


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