How To Use Seasonal Decorations All Year Long

Published by Partnered Content, Date: September 9, 2021
How To Use Seasonal Decorations All Year Long

When you’re in college, redecorating your dorm or apartment for each holiday can be quite the financial and time burden that you feel like you shouldn’t concern yourself with. That’s totally understandable. Schoolwork is more important.

But what if we told you that there was a way to pre-decorate your place? That’s what we’re here today to show you in our guide on how to use seasonal decorations all year long. That way, you don’t have to worry about putting new stuff up with each season or having a lot of excess stuff take up room in your closet.

Utilize Wreaths and Other Greenery

Obviously, wreaths are heavily associated with Christmas, but there are themed wreaths for almost any holiday that you can think of. However, that’s not the kind of wreath that we’re going to suggest here. You should get yourself a plain green one. After you get that, you can buy all sorts of inserts to place in your wreath, depending on the season. Red and orange leaves for fall, pinecones dusted in snow for winter—the list is endless.

We’d also like to note that you can use this tactic in any plants that you have around your place, not just wreaths. Don’t be afraid to go wild with this décor knowing that it won’t take up very much of your time or effort.

Separate Holiday Themed Colors

In case you haven’t noticed before, most holidays use a combination of colors as a part of their theme. For Halloween, it’s orange and black; Christmas uses red and green; and the Fourth of July uses red and blue. Those are just a few examples. The point here is that if you separate those colors, some basic decorations lose their holiday theming. This makes it possible to use more holiday decorations as standard décor for any time of the year.

Hang Up Multicolored Strings of Lights

There are so many ways to use Christmas string lights around the house for other purposes throughout the year. The key is to buy ones that change color. Many light strings have RGB capabilities that you can control through an app, so as long as you buy those, you can change the colors to fit any theme you want.

Create a Themed Room

We’re sure most of you have a preferred holiday that you like to decorate for. If that’s the case, our final tip in our guide on how to use seasonal decorations all year long is to create a room that is completely themed with items based on that holiday. For example, if you love Halloween, you can make a spooky-themed room that utilizes many of the decorations from that holiday without actually identifying them as Halloween items.

You can do the same for Christmas since you can easily make a winter-themed room that will work during all seasons. It doesn’t matter which holiday is your favorite, only that you have fun with it.


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