Best Exercises for Losing Weight

Published by Partnered Content, Date: February 24, 2021
Best Exercises for Losing Weight

Between quarantine, the cold, and the snow, it can seem impossible to lose weight this year, especially when you’re restricted to your own home or dorm. Luckily, you still have some options that allow you to exercise and burn fat within the comfort of your own home. Let’s take a look at the best exercises for losing weight and find what works best for you.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardio has always been a very easy, accessible, and effective way of losing weight. Anything that gets your heart pumping and blood flowing counts as cardio, meaning that the most common forms of cardio exercise include walking and running. This is also why the treadmill is one of the most common and easily obtainable exercise machines. A treadmill is a perfect way to fit in cardio exercise within your home and your already busy schedule.

Weight Training

If you want to try and build some muscle while losing weight, a popular choice is weight training. Weight training has the benefit of improving your metabolism while also promoting muscle growth and building strength. Your metabolism determines how many calories your body naturally burns at rest, so you’ll see much of your progress during your rest days. Your body will also continue to burn more calories a few hours after your weight training ends.

Interval Training

Those familiar with various exercises know that the only thing better than the best exercises for losing weight is using them in rapid succession. Interval training is an intense workout routine that has you performing one type of exercise before quickly switching to another without giving yourself a resting period in between. This intensive routine may seem intimidating, but the payoff is undeniable. Because of how hard you go during this sort of routine, you obviously burn far more calories than you would if you only engaged in one form of exercise.


For a more relaxed exercise experience that doesn’t take up much space in your home, consider yoga. Yoga and other stretching exercises burn a fair number of calories while providing other benefits such as stress relief. Many use yoga as a way to improve their mental and emotional state, which may be perfect for stressed-out college students. You won’t burn calories as fast as you would with other forms of exercise, but time is certainly something we have plenty of during this quarantine, so there’s no shame in taking your time with your yoga practice.


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