Ways to Add Character to Your Apartment

Published by The Rocket, Date: February 20, 2020
Ways to Add Character to Your Apartment

Living in an apartment in college is a temporary affair, so it’s easy to settle for plainness and clutter. However, if you want to make your space look a bit more pleasing, you can take several simple actions. Here are a few ways to add character to your apartment.

Pretty Up the Space with Plants

Bring life—literally—to your apartment by strategically placing a few plants here and there. They’ll naturally contribute charm to empty windowsills and tabletops. You don’t have to get a variety that requires constant doting: small potted succulents are good options because they don’t require much besides sunlight and the occasional watering.

Use Washi Tape on the Walls

Although painting or adding wallpaper might be fine for a homeowner, it’s probably not going to fly in your rented apartment. But don’t give up all hope of having more than bland white walls: washi tape can color the blank canvas without leaving a trace when you move out. It comes in a variety of colors that you can use to create vibrant decorations and works of art. You’re only limited by your imagination and the amount of time you want to put in.

Add a Rug to Liven the Living Room

Rugs are sadly forgotten in most college kids’ apartments, but if you care about the look of your living room, they’re cost-effective ways to boost the space’s attractiveness. Take into consideration your other furnishings, then choose a color and pattern that lift up your apartment. As long as it has some cohesion with the rest of the room, your rug can also serve as the focal point to your décor—it’s easier to get a rug that includes brighter hues than, say, a sofa. If you get tired of the rug, it’s also more easily replaceable than a larger, more expensive piece of furniture or décor.


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