3 Alternative Spring Break Ideas

Published by , Date: February 11, 2020
3 Alternative Spring Break Ideas

For many students, spring break is the highlight of the semester. After weeks of studying and writing essays in cold, ugly weather, nothing sounds better than a week of freedom and adventure. Every year, thousands of students flock to the beach for their vacation—but that isn’t your only option. If you want something different, look no further. Here are three alternative spring break ideas to help you make the most out of your vacation.


From organizations on your campus to international programs, there are countless ways to give back during your spring break. There are endless opportunities all over the world. Spend a week at the beach working with a marine wildlife reservation. Take a service trip to different cities to help rebuild homes after national disasters. No matter where you want to go on your break, you’re sure to find a trip that can help you give back along the way.

RV Trip

Sometimes, the best part of your trip is the journey. If you and your friends are fans of road trips, one of the best alternative spring break ideas is to take an RV across the country. There are plenty of RV-friendly warm-weather escapes to explore, and you won’t have to pay for an expensive hotel room when you get there. Plus, the trip will be even more of an adventure as you explore the open road, asking locals about the best places to stop for a bite or a photo op.

Explore Locally

Great vacations don’t have to occur far away. Chances are, there’s plenty to explore within a couple of hours of campus. Take a day trip to the closest city and hit up all the museums, shows, and other attractions it has to offer. Don’t forget to bring along your student ID, since many places offer discounts to college students. You can also check out any local parks or reserves and spend a day or two reconnecting with the great outdoors. There’s no shame in a staycation—especially when fewer students means more elbow room for you and your friends.


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