How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a College Budget

Published by , Date: January 23, 2020
How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a College Budget

You don’t want to make your Valentine’s Day plans seem cheap, but you also don’t have much money to spend on going out as a student. A night at a nice restaurant complete with dessert and an expensive gift is out of the question. Instead, consider how to celebrate Valentine’s Day on a college budget to show your loved one your affection even without the means to treat them to a pricey night out.

Personalize a Gift

Buying a personalized gift is one way to make the money you devote to them go far. There are many reasons personalized gifts are best for a celebration, but one is that a personal Valentine’s gift is not easily forgotten. Whether you buy them a bouquet arranged with their favorite flowers or a piece of jewelry with a meaningful pendant, adding your unique touch adds meaning. For a holiday meant to celebrate two people’s love, including something uniquely from you makes sure your loved one remembers this day.

Look for a Campus Event

If you get them a personalized gift, there’s still the question of what you can do. Here’s where your campus programming can be useful. Many professional performances happen on college campuses, so you can find free tickets that typically are much more expensive. You may find a concert by a renowned artist in a genre you’ve never heard of, or you may hear about a free movie on the lawn. Whatever’s available, you’ll surely find at least a few options to see something new together.

Watch the Sunset

Another free way to celebrate Valentine’s Day on a college budget is to do something classic—watch the sun gradually set with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Going out and doing things can sometimes get overrated, and you may not often get sustained quiet time with your significant other. Buck the trend of the holiday, and don’t do anything too complicated. Just take a blanket, maybe dinner, and sit together and gaze at the setting sun. This can really get both of you in a good headspace and define the night by how your relationship grew rather than what you did.


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