6 Ways to Improve Your Car’s Performance

Published by , Date: December 2, 2019
6 Ways to Improve Your Car's Performance

When we’re young, it isn’t uncommon for us to invest in a used car for our first daily driver. If you shop wisely, a used car can run extremely well. Additionally, there are other actions we can take to make our car handle even better than when we bought it. Here we share some tips on how to improve the performance of your car.

Use High-Quality Oil

Any list you read concerning cars will likely urge you to stay on top of your oil changes. It’s important that you also consider the quality of oil you’re purchasing. While the high-quality options are more expensive, they’re worth the investment. Synthetic oil does a better job protecting your car and providing lubrication that will help your parts run smoothly.

Buy New Tires

The type of tires you need will depend entirely on your driving style, as well as the area you live in. It may be beneficial to consider if the tires that came with your car will allow it to perform to its full potential. If not, consider investing in new ones.

Improve Your Muffler

Mufflers serve to control your car’s noise levels, and it’s important to know that not all mufflers are equally effective. A high-performance muffler can not only improve the sound levels that your car emits, but it can also increase your fuel efficiency and horsepower.

Get New Spark Plugs

Old spark plugs can cause your car to misfire, and this can lead to overheating that may prove costly. New spark plugs will use less voltage to start up your car, thus causing fewer cold starts in cold weather. If you buy a used car, try to learn when the last time your spark plugs were replaced was.

Lighten the Load

The longer we own our car, the more items that accumulate inside it. While this may ultimately seem harmless, this actually does affect our car’s performance. Removing any extra weight can increase your stopping distance and create smoother turns.

Check Your Air Intake

Your air intake isn’t incredibly expensive to replace, but this is the part of your car that allows your engine to take in air. The better your intake, the more air your engine will receive. This will improve its performance and increase your gas mileage.


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