Ways to Keep Pests Out This Fall in the Dorms

Published by The Rocket, Date: October 10, 2019
Ways to Keep Pests Out This Fall in the Dorms

Dorms are breeding grounds for pests, and sometimes pest problems are unavoidable. From rodents to bed bugs, it’s best to prepare for pests as the weather cools down. Check out these easy ways to keep pests out this fall.

Keep your space tidy

Dorms are small spaces, but it’s easy for the mess to get out of control. Make sure to keep your space tidy and talk to your roommate about little ways to protect against pests. These are some easy ways to stay clean and avoid infestations:

  • Take out the trash regularly, every time it starts to get full or smell
  • Dust, mop, and vacuum once a week
  • Throw away rotting food
  • Do dishes right away

Keeping your space tidy can minimize rodents, fruit flies, and cockroaches.

Tip: If you have a messy roommate, set a cleaning schedule so all tasks get done and everybody contributes.

Prepare for pests

If you live in close quarters with many people, sometimes pests are unavoidable. You can only control your half of the room, not your roommate or the neighbors. Pests might make their way into your dorm, even if you keep up with cleaning. Here are some ideas for extra protection:

  • Invest in a bed bug cover for your bed
  • Fix any tears in window screens
  • Regularly check your furniture and carpeting/rugs for bugs

Tip: If there are significant holes in your window screens, contact your maintenance team and patch the holes with duct tape in the meantime.

Identify pests quickly

When you find a pest in your dorm, identify it quickly so you can deal with the problem in the best way. One of the most common dorm room pests is the bed bug, but they can be difficult to identify. Familiarize yourself with bedbugs, so you can identify any immediately. If you know what the pest is, you can come up with a personalized plan to exterminate it. Some of the best ways to keep pests out this fall are population control and awareness. As soon as you see and identify the bug, get rid of it and search for more. Once you’re aware of the problem, let others on your floor know. Here is what you should do after finding a bed bug:

  • Tell your RA and others on your floor; it’s easier to fight an infestation as a group
  • Find out how bad the infestation is, and then tell your maintenance crew

Tip: If you find a bug in your bed, whether it’s a bedbug or not, wash your sheets right away and inspect your mattress for more.


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