5 Car Skills You Should Know Before You Head to Campus

Published by The Rocket, Date: August 26, 2019
5 Car Skills You Should Know Before You Head to Campus

College is the first time many young people will be on their own, and they’ll need a few skills up their sleeves as they continue on their path to adulthood. Here are five car skills you should know before you head to campus.

Changing a Tire

Many factors can cause a flat tire, but the right tools and knowledge can get you back on the road quickly. Knowing how to change a tire can save you a lot of stress in a tough situation, and it’s a relatively simple task. Just make sure you store a spare tire, jack, and wrench in your vehicle.

Checking the Tire Pressure

This is another simple task you should know how to perform. All you need is a tire pressure gauge, which you’ll use to check the tires’ psi. Refer to your owner’s manual to see the recommended psi.

Parallel Parking

Parallel parking is another skill you should have under your belt. In many situations—especially in the city—parking lots aren’t an option, and parking on the street will require you to parallel park. Knowing how to do so will eliminate your worry.

Changing the Oil

Your vehicle’s oil needs to be changed about every 3,000 miles. Knowing how to do this yourself will save you trips to the mechanic—and a lot of money, as well. To do this on your own, all you need is a new oil filter and the correct oil for your car. You can find the correct type of oil for your car in your vehicle’s manual.

Driving a Stick Shift

The final skill you should master before you head to college is driving a stick shift. Knowing how to drive manually will allow you to drive any type of car, and it expands your options if and when you’re searching for a new vehicle.


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