Your voice and vote matter!

Published by Michael Cannistraci, Date: April 11, 2024

During the 2016 presidential election, I remember people were saying their voices did not matter, and so they would not be voting. I heard similar things in the 2020 presidential election, too. We hear the same thing in state and local elections that happen every year. It is also important to acknowledge elections can be very divisive these days, but in a sense, I suppose they always have been divisive.

Every election is important in some way, with important issues almost always on the ballot. Some of these issues may be important to you, and voting in an election is one way to make your voice heard. Regardless of political affiliation, voting is a right and freedom in this country that people in other countries may not be able to take part in; we are very fortunate to have that right. 

Your voice matters. So go vote, and make yourself heard.


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