Weekly reading: Give it time

Published by Kaitlyn Shope, Date: February 19, 2024

My freshman year of college, I bought a deck of tarot cards with the intention to learn as much as I could to better understand my life and help others understand theirs.

That hyper fixation lasted about a month, and then three and half years went by. Here I am in my last semester in college, being called back to the cards with so many more experiences and so much more life lived to truly understand what the cards are telling me.

I have a long way to go in my learning, but my gut tells me that one or many of you need to hear this and other readings throughout the semester.

Tarot is something that can bring a lot of people comfort, answers and direction into their lives. Whether you feel the cards mean something and hold weight in your life is up to you. Not everyone will resonate with every reading, but I hope that these words can provide some clarity and hope for whoever needs it.

When setting my intentions, I asked that the reading not be a message for just me, but for the people holding a copy of this newspaper right now.

I decided to go with a three card spread to represent the past, future and present. I usually pick my cards by spreading them across my table and hovering my hand over the deck until I pull one that feels right. This morning when I was shuffling, the three of swords and king of cups fell out of the deck face down beside each other.

Usually, when more than one card flys out, I put both back in and keep shuffling. This time, something was telling me to keep them. I left the cards face down as I continued to shuffle and then the eight of swords jumped out of the deck across the table and landed face up as the first card in my spread. Someone needs to hear this.

The Past – Eight of Swords

This card shows a woman blindfolded holding two of the swords to her head. The rest of the swords stick in the ground in front of her with a small opening in the middle. The scene is dark and heavy.

The woman in this card is living with all consuming anxiety and fear and lets these emotions direct her life. She feels as if she has no control.

From the outside, people may not understand why the causing factors for the intense emotions are a big deal. This can lead to feeling invalidated or allowing you to get even more into your head.

On the other hand, the fact that a lot of what is going on may be internal, means you can grow and this is not permanent.

The loose wrappings on her chest and space in between the swords allows us to see that her feet are free to roam. If she is careful, she can escape this situation. She can break free from the fear that has been leading her life.

Leaving this situation will not be a clean break. There will be damage, but all of the wounds, scrapes, and bruises will be worth it.

Only you can let go.

The Present – Three of Swords

Take a deep breath and give yourself some grace. This is not an easy card. The imagery shows a person laying in the ground with a sword stabbed in their back. In some decks, this can be displayed by a heart being stabbed by all three swords. Ouch.

There is really not an easy way to say that something is broken. This card represents loss, pain, tragedy and heartache. I am sorry if this card is resonating with you, but the hurt you are feeling right now will not last forever. This card is also representative of a big change or transition within you.

The Future – King of Cups

The man in this card is surrounded by water, yet staying dry. He is content in his serene environment. He is a trustworthy, honest and fair friend.

He knows what he wants.

He is surrounded by a lot of emotions, but they do not rule his life and they do not get him down. This card shows that even with all of the things and feelings happening around you, you are able to stay calm and lead with stability.

The man in this card invests time and love into the people he cares about. He is often seen as the light in people’s lives and leaves a positive impact on everyone he encounters. If he is not careful, he can become a little too invested in making other people happy and lose a little bit of himself.

As long as you remind yourself that it is essential to take care of you, everything will be okay.

Connecting the cards

Do not be scared by the Three of Swords. Whether you have recently experienced a painful event, or worried one is about to occur, with time, it will not feel like the end of the world.

This card shows us that you were able to break free from the Eight of Swords. You knew that stepping through the narrow path between the swords would hurt, but you also know it will be worth it.

This is a transition period for you and your soul. Be hopeful about the good things coming even if it is hard to see now. You have been beaten down and forced to experience extremely tough things, but because of this you will be able to show others they can push forward when you are the King of Cups.

You will be the person that makes others believe they can get through anything, just like you can and will.

Grab a hot cup of tea, go on a walk, or write down some thoughts. Whether only one part or everything about this reading resonated with you, make sure to take care of yourself. Pain is temporary and I truly believe in my heart that everything will be okay. Before you know it, magical coy fish will be carrying you through the water too.

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Katie is a senior Strategic Communication and Media major with a concentration in Advertising and a minor in Art. This is her third year working for The Rocket. In her free time, she enjoys rock climbing and going to concerts. She is also the President of RockOUT and AdFed and a member of the honors college. Katie looks forward to gaining experience in the work field and building relationships with clients.


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