Living the journey

Published by Sarah Anderson, Date: October 5, 2023

Life is something of a chaotic, beautiful and fulfilling journey that we all have the privilege of experiencing. I know that sounds preachy and like I am about to pitch you to join a cult, but I think there is some value in trying to find the beauty in our lives. We are going to be here for a while.

Journeys oftentimes are not easy; there are many peaks and valleys. Life is similar. I know I am nothing more than a 21-year-old girl, but I wanted to share what I have learned in these two decades.

I feel like I have started to become more open to the idea of accepting the journey rather than resisting it. Getting to this point was not easy, by any means. For so many years I was locked into a mindset that life was always going to be one type of way, and I couldn’t do anything to change that.

So, I would just “ride the wave.”

I was unhappy, plain and simple. I rejected any idea that “riding the wave” was not an effective way to live my life. Thankfully, with some time things did turn around after a lot of hard work and energy on my part.

I am now easily the happiest I have ever been in life. I feel lighter, more free and like I am actually an active participant in my daily life. It has been a very strange and confusing many years, but I am so happy that I allowed myself to live the journey, allowed myself to heal and allowed myself to forgive.

Most importantly, I have continued to move forward in my life journey. That’s really all that we can do. This can look different for everyone.

There are small changes I have tried to make to help me move forward, rather than staying stagnant or falling “behind.”

I have tried to focus on allowing patience for myself, others and everything. Time moves too quickly to try to measure it down to the second. I have spent so much time anticipating my life rather than living it.

I have also found myself building a mosaic in my heart of the people around me. It is easy to love other people but very difficult to let people love us for who we are. I have finally started to wrap my head around the fact that it is possible to be lovable.

That fact has single-handedly changed my life, my perspective and my journey. Allowing myself to love and be loved by the people in my life has made for a life that is so much more fulfilling.

The journey is not easy, but if you allow yourself to find the beautiful little quips in life then you open the door for peace to make its way in. It is all about perspective and how you view different aspects of your own life.

Allow yourself to take control of your own journey, the results are worth it. Peace and happiness are possible.

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Sarah is a senior Strategic Communication and Media major with concentrations in integrated marketing and healthcare communication. She has been a part of the Campus Life section of The Rocket since her freshman year, but now she is leaping into Copy/Web. In her free time, Sarah likes to crochet and watch "Gilmore Girls" with her cat, Church.


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