Opinion | Transcending the binary


Every year, March is referred to as “Women’s History Month” in order to celebrate the achievementscontributions, and lives of women worldwide. At the Women’s and Pride Centers, we spend our time honoring women and LGBTQIA+ people throughout the year, and Women’s History Month is our chance to highlight women and their often underacknowledged achievements.  

When planning ahead for the month, we discussed what we would want our theme to be for this year, and we decided upon “Transcending the Binary,” which would focus on trans women and their achievements and history. Trans women, especially those of color, are among the most marginalized groups in the United States, and we deemed it our duty to celebrate, uplift, and protect them, not just this month but every day of the year. We dedicate this Women’s History Month to the trans women of Slippery Rock University and everywhere. Whether you are publicly out or not, you are still a woman and are more than welcome to join us in celebrating this month. The Women’s Center and Pride Center are a safe space for anyone who may need it. Please remember you can always DM us on social media or visit the centers (safely) whenever you please.  

To kick off the month, located by the Commuter’s Lounge in the Smith Center is a display of trans women throughout history. You can also find them highlighted on our Instagram Stories if you are not on campus. On March 24 at 6 p.m., we are hosting a trivia game night celebrating women and their achievements. Near the end of the month and into April, we are hosting a virtual fashion show. We encourage anyone to send in photos of yourself or friends, your clothes on the hanger, or any fashion inspiration you have. We are accepting them through DMs on Instagram and through email to kjc1011@sru.edu. You can remain completely anonymous if you please, and we will not share anything other than what you send us.  

Women’s History Month is very important to us, and we hope it is to you as well. Please join us in celebrating women all around the world. You can find us on Instagram and Twitter @sruwomenscenter and @srupridecenter. Follow us for more updates and information about events!  

We hope you have a wonderful and loving Women’s History Month 2021! 


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