Opinion: A look into love


What is love? What does it mean? Why do we value it so much?

If you were to ask, I think that many people would define the term “love” along the lines of an intense feeling of affection towards someone that they also have a strong sexual attachment to. Those are some of the main components that you may hear in a casual conversation between a group of friends while they are talking about their relationships.

It seems like this generation does not think of what love truly is, this could be because they just see the term “love” being thrown around or they have not truly experienced it themselves yet, so they do not know the true meaning of it. When they are with someone they claim to love, they may not see the effects it could have on that person, whether they are the positive or negative effects.

Love is when you would do anything for the other person that you are with, you would do this because all you truly want to see more than anything is the other person in the relationship truly happy. Love is one of the two strongest bonds that we could have in our support system in the world; family would be the other. When love is true and real, it would be a really hard bond to break between two people, just like the bond that is found in a family.

I think the reason we value love so much these days is because we very rarely see true love. It seems that there are more “relationships” between two people who have made another life together these days than relationships between two people who found true love for one another and see themselves spending the rest of their lives together. So, when we see true love for each other taking place, we try to hold onto it for as long as we can because it does not come along all the time these days.


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