Get ready: The time has come

Published by , Author: The Rocket Staff, Date: March 21, 2019

College is going to be difficult.

If you make it to graduation thinking otherwise, you did something wrong.

College is going to be a drastic change from high school in ways that are both good and bad. You will have significantly more free time. Instead of being stuck in the same building from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. every day, you will have a lot of time to use however you think would be best. How you use this time will determine how the rest of your college experience pans out.

The number of opportunities available at SRU to make yourself a better person—and your community a better place—will seem endless. Inside the classroom, you will learn the specifics of your major (even if you haven’t found one yet), critical thinking skills, and how to tackle problems head-on. Outside the classroom, you will have the ability to join organizations, take on leadership positions and give back to the Slippery Rock community.

Starting your college career can be stressful, but when you start your journey towards a degree at Slippery Rock University, you won’t be alone. There is an excess of clichés you will encounter throughout your time here, but one that is as inescapable as it is true is that SRU is a family.

You are entering the university with over a thousand other students in the same situation; even every upperclassman has been in your situation in the past. While your anxieties and fear may feel unique to you, they are the same problems that weigh on the hundreds of other students preparing for their first semester at college.

In fact, many of the common fears you may be facing have been present for years, and the university has created resources to help you along your journey. The tutoring center can help with difficult classes and adapting to college-level courses. Student Success Coaches are on campus to help acquaint you to the college atmosphere and direct you to whatever resources you may need. The counseling center offers guidance in dealing with any mental health concerns. Faculty are often on your side; they are dedicated to student success, and it’s in your best interest to utilize office hours. No matter what issue you are facing, there will be someone on campus who will be there to listen and help.

Your peers can also be a great asset in helping you adjust to a new university setting. Reach out to people who sit near you in class and form study groups. Just knowing another person who can reach out to for help with an assignment can improve your grade and help you pass some of SRU’s most challenging courses.

College is going to be difficult.

Your SRU family will be there to help.


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