Internations week offers unique, convenient way to explore SRU

Published by adviser, Author: The Rocket Staff, Date: November 9, 2017

College students seem to tend to stick with what they know, we hang out with the same group of people, only go to events we’ve been to before or know what they are and just generally do not explore to much outside of our own circle. In The Rocket staff’s opinion this unfortunately ¬†happens more often than not here at Slippery Rock, and we are guilty of it too. For a campus of almost 9,000 students, there are not a lot of events on campus that really have outstanding attendance. There are a few each year (the fall/spring concerts, UPB’s speakers, RockOUT’s drag show, SGA’s movies, to name a few) that always have really good attendance, but a lot of events put on by smaller clubs and organizations always seem to not have as many people in attendance as they could.

The Rocket tries to cover every student-run event on campus, but even we do not get to everything. Going to a student-run event is an easy way to show support of our fellow students and they are a great way to move outside of your circle and experience new things. These are two things The Rocket Staff thinks the SRU community can improve on as a whole and internations week is an easy and convenient way to start that improvement.

There have already been a number of really cool events put on this week, like the international fashion show and the international sports night. These are funs events where students can learn about a part of SRU that is not always in the spotlight, our international students. Even just going to one event can help you learn more about Slippery Rock and it might lead you to going to more events and learning even more about SRU and the people that go here.

A full picture of what the Slippery Rock University community truly is would include the interests and passions of every student at this school. Obviously this is an impossible task to accomplish on a big scale, but by us, as individual students, attending more events and learning more about one another we can carve out what the SRU community really is to us, the people that make the community what it is.

Obviously The Rocket staff does not expect every student to now go to every single event on campus because of this editorial, but if you even went to one new event this year and liked it, that would be enough.


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