Letter to the Editor: SGA’s Take on the Ongoing Presidential Search

Published by adviser, Author: Riley Keffer, Date: November 7, 2017

Dear Rocket Staff,

The Slippery Rock Student Government Association would like to share our thoughts regarding the progress of the presidential search; we ask that those with the authority to effect change take this letter into consideration with respect and an open mind. We believe that as the elected student representatives it is our duty to voice opinion regarding matters which not only affect us but also thousands of students in the future. In conjunction, the 8,895 students at Slippery Rock University are the lifeblood of this institution and without their participation, it would be a failing business.

It is with vigor that we urge the Council of Trustees to proceed as a unified front. We urge you to respect the difference of opinions within the council as well as work towards our common goal: hiring a new presidential candidate to inspire full confidence during his or her tenure. Our president should have a strong academic background, experience with a residential campus and the student culture it promotes, experience elevating a university that is already successful in the areas of enrollment, academics, finances, athletics, and more, proactive in promoting an inclusive environment, knowledge about issues that students face and the related policy, strong presence to communicate with the Board of Governors, and passion for SRU. The incoming president should have the benefit of all members on campus at heart and pursue such benefits throughout his or her tenure.

It is our hope that the search will continue through the process of application submission and subsequent interviewing of candidates. This process ensures that the various constituencies at Slippery Rock University are given the opportunity to deliberate. The opinions of all members of campus are valuable in the decision-making process.

In closure, we hope that these words will be taken into consideration while Chancellor Whitney, Board of Governors, Council of Trustees, and others consider the options moving forward in the presidential search process. Student Government looks forward to working together in the accomplishment of our shared goal of a new President.

Kind regards,

Riley Keffer

Vice President of Finance & Chief Financial Officer

Slippery Rock Student Government Association


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