Music has the power and force to unite diverse groups

Published by adviser, Author: Alec Cunic - Rocket Contributor, Date: March 25, 2017

In the structure of today’s times, the opinions of the public are few and far between, colliding on the many controversial issues that are actively being disputed in the modern world. While it may seem now that it is easier to disagree, one thing that the human race has always been able to put their differences aside for is the celebration of music and the many different mediums to which music allows us to express ourselves together while individually maintaining the differences that make us unique.

The process by which the many different forms of music are crafted can be expressed through the specific genres that allow the overall sounds of music to be categorized.

From folk, jazz, the blues, country, rock and classical to pop, hip-hop, alternative, modern-day R&B, electronic and countless subdivisions of each, these musical genres have the power to unite humans of various faiths, races, genders, social classes and backgrounds to reach a ground of newfound commonality through similar interests of musical expression.

Artists who build careers after distributing their preferred music taste possess the ability to swing this change once reaching a higher point of popularity.

Once recognizable to the point of being able to tour for profit, artists establish a fan-base of people that are brought together for the entire duration of the performance.

The music itself is what brings people together for the pure enjoyment of seeing an artist perform their own musical interpretation, an interpretation that does not rely on a definitive religious principle, a selected race, a preferred gender, a higher social class, a specific political party affiliation or a more prestigious background that is superior to anyone else’s.

In saying this, people are brought together in a light that can transcend the personal and public beliefs of everyone that is together through the musical harmony.

No matter the genre or subgenre that someone likes, or how few and far between similarities may be, once a musical connection is made between two, three or multiple people in an area, friendships can be formed that can last a lifetime. While this may not always be the case, in another unusual historical period that’s bent on dividing humanity through differences, the numerous cultural aspects of music that society provides each of us can unite us all in ways that can be unique if we’re looking to accept them.


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