Black history should be celebrated year-round, not just for one month

Published by adviser, Author: Nathaniel Preisel - Rocket Contributor , Date: February 23, 2017

Black History Month typically sparks a conversation about diversity, but unfortunately this seems to be the only time when it’s a topic, when it is an issue that should talked about all year-round. Being more diverse is something everyone should be trying to accomplish. Diversity is key in creating a society in which all people feel that they matter. Being more diverse meaning shedding a light on others who do not fall under the label of the majority. Diversity has improved a lot in recent years but still needs work.

One place that we need to see more diversity is the media. The media has been trying to create more opportunities for minorities and to highlight their accomplishments. However, the media is still definitely dominated by white heterosexual male entertainers. Just this past year we have seen a lot of people of color and members of the LGBT+ community gaining visibility in the media. It’s a great accomplishment that the film Moonlight, about and young black male struggling with his sexuality, won Best Motion Picture of the Year at the Golden Globes along with multiple other awards. Not only did this movie shed a light of the gay community but people of color too. Also the movie Hidden Figures highlighted the achievements of not only black actresses but prominent black women in the history of science.

Another place that needs more diversity is government. The government of the United States is a government of the people. However, the politicians that make up government don’t really mirror the diversity of our country. We have people of the majority creating policies that affect minorities without any real insight. As representatives of the people of this country politicians need to mirror and to protect all of the people of this country. We need to elect officials that all citizens can identify with and feel their best interests are in mind.

Diversity is very important in all aspects of life. We need to work towards diversity especially in the media and in government since these are two things affect everybody. Creating an environment where everyone feels heard and important is vital to building a cohesive society. We are in the beginning stages of diversity and its going to be a long ride. But if we all open our minds and learned about those not like ourselves we will put society even closer to being fully inclusive.


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