Theatre and performing arts are an integral part of the campus community

Published by adviser, Author: The Rocket Staff, Date: December 8, 2016

Students on Slippery Rock’s campus have the opportunity to attend or take part in numerous performing arts programs offered by the administration or student organizations. In the past week, the Slippery Rock Theatre Department and the Musical Theatre Society have put on productions, attracting students and the community to campus.

The theatre department, which concluded its second bi-annual production of Charles Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol” Thursday evening, has always invited students outside of its department to take part in its productions. Musical Theatre Society (MTS), which is a student-operated organization, consists of students from all different departments across campus who share their love of musical theatre. MTS usually puts on two shows a semester, typically Broadway-themed cabarets, and will perform the musical stage version of Adam Sandler’s “The Wedding Singer” in April.

Performing arts are an integral part of not just the university and other universities nationwide, but also among high school and middle schools. It’s an opportunity for students and other individuals to bond with a unique group of people and be a part of a special production that will never include the same group of people ever again.

Performing on stage builds character, which is extremely important for college students. Everybody dreads public speaking, but performing in a show can help students who are nervous about taking that class because they can learn how to stifle those nerves in front of an entire audience group of people rather than a classroom full of peers. Performing on a stage can also build self-confidence. Being able to stand in front of a room full of people and perform a number after weeks and weeks of practice is an incredibly satisfying feeling, and the internal rush that results because of it is no different from an adrenaline rush felt by athletes while playing sports.

Since theatre should be an integral part of the campus community, the theatre department specifically deserves the backing and support of SRU’s administration and its students. Students who aren’t aware of the importance of the performing arts should take the time to check out the different outlets that SRU has to offer. MTS specifically has a large number of students who never actually had an interest in performing on a stage before they joined the society, but because of mutual friends who were already involved, they found the courage to give it a try and absolutely loved it.

Obviously, there is a stereotype related with those who take part in theatre. However, if everyone had an open mind about the subject, there’d be more of an effort by universities to support its organizations and departments. Not everyone is made out to participate in it, which is fine, but sometimes there’s nothing better than enjoying a live production from a seat in the audience. Anyone can find a way to appreciate it as long as it’s given a chance.



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