LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Statement from Asst. Provost on Main Street pellet gun incident

Published by adviser, Author: David Wilmes - Associate Provost for Student Success, Date: November 17, 2016

During the evening hours of Nov. 12, a pair of white males driving a red, four-door Hyundai or Kia vehicle reportedly used an Airsoft pellet gun to shoot into a group of seven Slippery Rock University students and alumni walking along Main Street. Two persons in the group were struck by pellets.

While this type of situation in our community is rare, it was a cowardly act of hateful violence that the University finds reprehensible.

This situation should also serve as a reminder that as a community, we should always be vigilant and prepared to respond accordingly in the event of an emergency situation. If you or someone you know becomes a victim of violence, your first reaction should always be to contact the police by calling 911, regardless of where you are. 911 dispatchers will connect you to the appropriate law enforcement agency – University Police, Slippery Rock Borough Police or the Pennsylvania State Police – depending on the location of the crime.

Law enforcement authorities will be able to assess the situation, ensure that victims have access to any necessary medical treatment, and can immediately begin to investigate the situation while events are fresh in the minds of those involved. Remember, no matter the situation, the police are most concerned about your safety, removing any potential dangers and apprehending the alleged perpetrator(s).

Alternately, if you don’t feel comfortable contacting the police, and the situation doesn’t call for an emergency response, an anonymous report can be filed with University Police via a “Crimestoppers Incident Form” that can be found on the University website at: http://administration.sru.edu/forms/crimestoppers.php.

Students may also take advantage of a confidential tip line. This confidential tip line is for anyone with information related to criminal or suspicious activities on campus. It can be reached by calling: 724.783.2SRU (2778). Callers may leave information related to a campus crime, including description of the person or persons involved, vehicle involved or other information that may aid police in their investigation. All caller information is kept confidential.

University Police also offer an escort service that provides safe passage for students, staff, faculty or other visitors to SRU from one area of the campus to another. This service may be provided by a police officer, security officer, or student security and can be arranged by calling University Police at: 724.738.3333.

Finally, if any student feels that their safety concerns have not been properly addressed, I invite them to contact my office.

At the forefront of all we do on this campus, University administration holds the safety of our students, faculty and staff to the highest order. As such, should anyone ever have concerns or require assistance, I invite you to contact my office at 724.738.2727; email me at david.wilmes@sru.edu; or tweet me, @Dr_Dave_SRU.

David Wilmes, Associate Provost for Student Success


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