5 SRU themed costumes you can rock on Halloween

Published by adviser, Author: Janelle Wilson - Editor in Chief, Date: October 22, 2015

1. Sexy Old Main

What you’ll need:
A red crop top, preferably in a brick pattern, fishnets, and a Flavor Flav-esque clock.

What’s sexier than 126 years of time honored tradition? Nothing. When people look at you, they’ll be filled with desire and a sense of school spirit. What could be better? Be the bell of the ball and belt loudly every hour on the hour while you’re at a Halloween party to remind students how long they’ve been there. They will greatly appreciate not missing the Happy Bus.

2. A Case of Senioritis

What you’ll need:
A coffee pot, sweatpants, a sweatshirt, the t-shirt you got at freshman orientation and an underwhelming Power Point presentation.

Show the world the defeated senior you are inside by wearing a costume that reflects your senioritis on the outside. Now’s the time to break out that t-shirt that you haven’t worn since the highlighter party freshman year, preferably stained. Complete the look with hole-ridden sweatpants, and a coffee pot. The best part of this costume is that you will be able to go home and your costume will double as pajamas. How very senioritis of you.

3. Your 8th Grade Myspace Profile

What you’ll need:
A playlist consisting of only Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco, skinny jeans, excessive black eyeliner and an emo MySpace name. (XxEICJanellexX is already taken.)

Ooh, spooky, evidence of your tortured prepubescent existence. When in doubt, say things that are reminiscent of your clever status updates. “Rawr means ‘I love you’ in dinosaur!” and “OMG I’m so random ;] <3” seemed to be popular in the days of old. Small segments of popular song lyrics also would suffice. We’ll just call this costume, “Am I more than you bargained for yet?” 4. Emma the North Hall Ghost What you’ll need: A bed sheet and a bag full of combs When I was a freshman, word on the street was that Emma the North Hall Ghost stole everyone’s combs. As such, you should fill your Halloween bag with combs and brushes in lieu of candy. Everyone will really love that. Scare students by uttering in an eerie voice, “Is the low-cost housing worth it, after all?” and, “Bet you wished you lived in the residence halls now, huh?” This will be most effective if you do this in North Hall, but if you’re not that committed, I won’t judge. 5. Spooky Pumpkin Spice Latte What you’ll need: A scary jack-o-lantern mask and maybe some spices. $4.95 for a grande PSL? That’s the stuff of nightmares. Like Starbucks, you too can partake in seasonal festivities by capitalizing on their best-selling beverage. Implementing the addicting substance into your costume is guaranteed to increase your candy revenue this Halloween.


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