The Beatles offer nothing exceptional in terms of changing music

Published by adviser, Author: Joseph Szalinski - Commentary, Date: April 9, 2015

I’ve been considered a pariah, of sorts, by certain social circles over the years. From not believing in a higher power, to not liking drinking, and even to not liking organized sports, I’ve flown onto a number of people’s “crazy radar.” But perhaps the most flak I ever get is when I say that I do not like The Beatles. They were a very influential band, and I understand that, but just because a band is popular it doesn’t mean that everyone has to like them.

My biggest point of contention is with John and Ringo. I’m a fan of Paul McCartney and Wings, and even George Harrison put out a few good tunes in his solo efforts, but I just dislike them when they’re together. It’s like a group of friends who are tolerable individually, but when together, ruin everyone’s day. 

John was a decent musician, with “Imagine” being his biggest single. I hate that song. Granted, I love that he was advocating world peace, but I feel the song is way overrated. It’s a punk song, that’s slowed down and accompanied by a piano. That doesn’t make it some deep, artistic masterpiece. Plus, he’s having us do all the work for him and imagine this perfect world. A little less ambiguity and a little more detail would be appreciated. Not to mention that he was an ass in real life and was a hypocrite, so any songs with social messages automatically lose credibility. And not even the Beatles liked Ringo. 

The only Beatles song that I like any part of, is “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, and that’s only because ERIC CLAPTON plays a part on the track. Otherwise, their music is pop music, not rock music, and I personally do not really like pop music. The 1960s bred incredible bands, and any musical outfit with support from a label, from that decade, is hailed as a cornerstone in music history. I find it hard to believe that The Beatles could have persisted in the music climate of the 70s or 80s. 

When I ask about what they accomplished, because, evidently, “they’ve changed so much in music,” I’m met with no response. I can name better bands than them, lyrically and musically. Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys was a fantastically better musician than anyone in The Beatles (though he was a horrendous lyricist) and Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, The Byrds, are examples of artists with better lyrics. Hell the Stones and Pink Floyd are better British bands, and the Grateful Dead are a better “hippie band”, even though The Beatles really aren’t one. John Denver did LSD too, but no one considers music to be “stoner music.” 


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