Apple reveals new watch, it’s about time

Published by adviser, Author: Alex Mowrey - Commentary, Date: September 11, 2014

Thanks to Apple, we will no longer need to check our iPhones for the time, we can just look at our new Apple Watch that is on our wrists. Crazy concept I know.  The Apple Watch has been a whisper in the wind for a long time now and on Tuesday, Apple released it to the public. Tech junkies around the world huddled in front of their computer screens and wiped the drool from their chins, to watch the new line of products be revealed. Myself included.

I have always been a massive Apple product supporter and I always get feelings of great joy whenever they put out something new. The new watch is by far my favorite to date. I remember saying out loud to myself as I watched the keynote, “I want this, I don’t really know why, but I want this.” That is why Apple is such a great company, I have no real grasp on why I want the new watch, I just want it. I believe that reason that most of the general population would want it is because, well who wouldn’t want a miniature iPhone on their wrist?  It interacts seamlessly with your current iPhone and has a lot of extraordinary features that fit in with our everyday life. 

The watch provides more ways for individuals to be connected through their new Digital Touch. This gives Apple Watch users the ability to draw pictures or words that automatically get sent to your friend’s watch face. They also added a heartbeat feature to the Digital Touch area.  When you press two fingers on the screen, the built-in heart rate sensor analyzes your heartbeat and sends it to your friends. This is perfect for long distance lovers, or if you just want to let everyone know how high your heart rate is after your leave the gym. The possibilities are endless.

I believe that this product will change the way people communicate with each other and in turn help to improve themselves. With many health features included in the watch, people can really keep an eye on their movement and daily activity. 

As these are just a few exemplary features that it provides, the list is potentially endless. The watch opens a whole door for developers and users alike to make it even more of a life-changing product. 

This is something I hope to start setting money aside for, so I can buy it on release day. Keep and eye out for my 38 millimeter tan line on my wrist, because you can bet I will never take it off. 


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