Letter to the Editor: Ice Bucket Challenge ‘stands as an example of using social media for good’

Published by adviser, Author: Gordon Ovenshine, Date: September 4, 2014

Thank you to Kevin Squires and The Rocket for drawing worthy attention to ALS via the paper’s Aug. 28 opinion piece. My mother-in-law was recently diagnosed, so we are learning as a family about the devastating effects of the disease. She is 74.

Mr. Squires’ thoughtful and mature article showed sensitivity and insight in calling for a greater focus on fundraising and research.

As a middle-age American, I do not always understand the point of social media and wonder at times if we’re poisoning ourselves with information overload. The Ice Bucket Challenge, however, stands as a example of using social media for good.

Thank you to SRU administrators and students who accepted the challenge and contributed to the fight against ALS.

Gordon Ovenshine, SRU 1988

Communication specialist for SRU communication and public affairs.

P.S. I can be challenged at gordon.ovenshine@sru.edu


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