Pregnancy options advertising misleading

Published by adviser, Date: May 1, 2014

 Letter to the Editor:

It has come to our attention that advertisements in a variety of campus publications (The Rocket, the SRU calendar distributed to students at the beginning of the academic year) concerning reproductive options might be misleading or be misunderstood by our students.  Because fully-informed reproductive choices are critical to our health and well-being, we want to provide accurate information about the services provided at regional pregnancy clinics and health-care centers.

There is only ONE local clinic in Slippery Rock which provides accurate and unbiased information about your reproductive options: SRU McLachlan Student Health Center (Rhoads Hall, Slippery Rock University).  The Slippery Rock University Health Center provides a number of services not provided by other local clinics, including (but not limited to) pregnancy testing, birth control including emergency contraception (ECP), and counseling on all options if pregnant, including references to other services (e.g., abortions) in the surrounding area.

If “knowledge is power,” then it is imperative that our campus community have as much knowledge about these services as possible.

Thank you.


Women’s Studies Committee




  1. So the Women’s Studies Committee can’t stand seeing organizations promoting alternatives to baby killing (or as they call it, abortion)? Doesn’t surprise me.


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