Lohan trying to recover reputation, needs to star in more box office hits

Published by adviser, Author: Casey Young, Date: April 17, 2014

Lindsay Lohan has not had the best reputation over recent years.  She was the hollywood starlet who crashed and burned in her personal life.

However, with her new docu-series on the OWN network, she seems to be eager to make a comeback. 

I would like to point out, first and foremost, that the idea of a “celebrity” is kind of absurd.  Why is it my business to know if someone is an alcoholic, has been arrested, or is as clean as a whistle?  

You would think people would be more concerned with whether or not they like a movie she stars in, not what she did last weekend.

However, that is not how the world works.  People are concerned with the image that Lohan has projected.  

She went from the innocent girl who made a smash hit as a child, “The Parent Trap”, to an adult celebrity who is in and out of rehab.  

Her docu-series has aired on the OWN network since March and has not been raking in an audience or receiving very good feedback.

  The series set out to give Lohan the chance to change her image.  I am not so sure the production met its goal, what with the filming cancellations, miscommunications, and drama from Lohan herself.  

Everyone is occasionally sucked into the media’s interpretation of Lohan’s actions.  Who are we to judge though?  

It is apparent she comes from an unstable environment at home, her parents were divorced when she was young, her dad has been to jail, both of her parents struggle with alcohol, and she was thrusted into an adult world of acting at a young age.  If that doesn’t spell disaster from the beginning, I don’t know what does.

Recently, the buzz of Lohan’s return has been everywhere.  Her docu-series still has episodes set to air, she is working on a new movie, and continues to appear as a guest star on television shows.  

I feel that people should take her acting for what it is and judge her based on that alone.  Those who choose to hate her based on her personal life should ask themselves why.  I get it, she’s not a role model I would want if I had kids.  However, she is 27 years old now.  I think she is past the stage of trying to be that for young children.

The only way Lohan will make a comeback, in my eyes, is if she attaches herself to serious productions that have success in the box office.  Someone can only last so long as the poster child for fame gone wrong.  It is all up to her now to regain her career. 


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