Gender neutral bathrooms should be more widespread

Published by adviser, Author: The Rocket, Date: November 21, 2013

California recently passed what some are referring to as the “transgender bathroom bill”. Ca. Gov. Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 1266, The School Success and Opportunity Act, in August, setting it to take effect as law in January.

For SRU students, a transgender bathroom isn’t a brand new subject. With the opening of the Robert M. Smith Student Center last year, the university brought to campus its first bathroom that outwardly declared open use for any person regardless of gender identity or expression. The bathroom can be found on the second floor and features an image of a half male and half female symbol.

With a university traditionally being an atmosphere where students are given the opportunity to develop themselves and discover what they are looking for in life, why do we only have one of these bathrooms?

As a university, we should be more supportive of  students’ needs, and if a ‘transgendered’ bathroom will do that, then we should have more.

Many public places already have ‘family’ bathrooms, why not stretch the definition of such a restroom out to cover a more diverse group of people, instead of being explicitly for a changing room for babies.

The majority of the campus’ population is made of students aged 18-24, so it would only make sense to include more gender neutral bathrooms, because there are so few students with children.

The only problem with the bathroom is that there is only one on the entire campus, in our newest building. And nobody knows about it.

If more of these starting popping up around campus, we’re sure they would get more use. We just need to get to that point.



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