People should defend their ‘me-ness’ when others force opinions and ideals upon them

Published by adviser, Author: Ashely Cook - Pixie Posts, Date: November 14, 2013

Recently, I read an article discussing how some people accuse women of constantly disturbing calm waters with their opinions and ideas. How dare we, right? The article discussed how you should make people uncomfortable if it is protecting what she called her “me-ness.” No one should be able to force their ideologies onto you. I wholeheartedly agree. Well-behaved women seldom make history, after all.

It seemed almost too perfect that people chose the same day I read this article to preach their religion and beliefs at everyone on campus in the quad. And by preach, I mean yell. Not only preaching but picking fights with people over unrelated subjects such as when one gentleman asked that they refrain from leaving trash behind like one man did. I can’t say exactly what they were talking about or what happened as a result of them being on campus, mostly because I did not care enough to give them the attention they so desperately wanted. These are unprovoked, aggressive attempts to force ideology on people and I certainly do not approve of that.

However, in agreement with the aforementioned article, I think we should defend our me-ness when someone decides that their opinions are somehow more important or credible than ours. I make an exception for people like the aggressive men on campus holding signs and yelling about God, though. Obviously, it is important to be considerate and sensitive but sometimes people go too far in their submissiveness to forceful people and their opinions. But, in general, calm waters should be disturbed because calm waters are a sign of danger. There is something beneath the surface, someone is sitting back quietly while their very existence is being questioned and insulted. Why should I spend my days worrying about not offending someone? Some people clearly think it is acceptable to force their negative, stereotypical, and often uninformed opinions on me so why should I sit back just to not stir things up? Things might appear to be going well, but inside there is a tigress, ready to pounce.

For example, yes, I have short hair and no, that doesn’t say anything about me. Yes, my male best friend dresses very well and no, that doesn’t say anything about him other than he likes to dress professionally. I’m amused and simultaneously disgusted by people that think they can judge someone on anything other than their mind and personality. I say, defend yourself against people who think you are simply disturbing the peace by standing up for women’s rights or anything else. If people like us won’t stand up, who will?


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