Students should consider consequences of drinking before attending parties

Published by adviser, Author: The Slippery Rock Alcohol and Addictions Coalition, Date: October 31, 2013

Letter to the Editor,


We are concerned…at the Slippery Rock Alcohol and Addictions Coalition meeting, held on September 25, 2013, that was the emotion used to express the feelings the coalition members had for the “block party” and large parties that are occurring off campus.  The coalition members are concerned for the students who attend, whether or not that student chooses to consume alcohol.  The members are concerned because of the consequences that could occur from attending those large parties.  Students may choose to go to have “fun” to be around their friends or just out of curiosity, but the day after these parties students were not reporting that they had “fun.”  Reports were flooding in about students receiving violations, about students watching others being injured or violent altercations occurring, and they also reported property damage.  The members feel that these consequences of attending large parties need to be considered and discussed.  As adults we need to consider the outcomes of attending and consider ways to intervene safely when faced with problematic situations.

Before attending here are some things to consider:

• Are you going to drink?  Is it legal for you to drink?

• If you are going to drink, how much? If you are going to drink, how will you safely get back to your residence?

• Could your actions at the party be found in violation of the Student Code of Conduct? If enforcement is called to be present and you are consuming alcohol under the age of 21 and receive an underage or if you are cited with a disorderly house, and these violations are reported to the Office of Student Code Conduct, the violations will stay on your student records for seven years.  Being found in violation means not only that you will have a record, but it usually means paying fines and sometimes attending alcohol and other drug classes.


• Is this a safe environment?  If not, what can you do?  Can you safely intervene in the situation? Should you call 911? Should you get help? Should you just leave?

• How can you stay safe and not be the victim of violence?

• If you live in these buildings where parties are taking place, do you appreciate having the property damaged by others? Do you want to contribute to that property damage?


Properties are choosing to allow “block” parties to occur on their property and are seemingly unable to control the consequences of the party. We hope that students take some time to think about the outcome of attending.


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