Mom fitness blogger sparks controversy

Published by adviser, Author: Casey Young, Date: October 31, 2013

Although the picture of Maria Kang, a fitness blogger and mother of three, has only recently been getting attention after being reposted on Facebook from her blog a year ago, it has caught national attention.  With the title “What’s Your Excuse?,” Kang poses with her three children wearing a sports bra and tiny spandex.  Although she intended to motivate, many seem to think she went about it the wrong way.

A lot of negativity surrounds the photograph because of the “fat shaming” undertone of the title.  I see it differently.  I believe Kang had the good intentions of motivating the followers of her blog.  She posts a lot about staying healthy, working out, and not giving in to cravings.  I do admit the title could have used a facelift.  Instead of blaming people for making excuses, maybe Kang should have made it more positive: “It takes hard work” might have been appropriate.

Today’s society is too quick to point the finger and call someone a bully.  Maria Kang is far from one.  She quickly released a statement apologizing and explaining her reasoning for the picture and title.  I feel that is an action that is far from that of a bully.  She is trying to motivate others by showing them what she was able to accomplish without making excuses.  If people take offense to her harsh reality tactics, they should not read her blog.

Whether you agree with the title or not, you have to admit Maria Kang looks very good for having three kids.  She has not made excuses and keeps up her fitness, like she preaches to her blog followers.  If anything, I believe this controversy and negativity will only bring more traffic to her website.  She will be able to help more people who want to lose weight.  Maria King is not a bully.

See Maria Kang’s response to this controversy on her personal blog at


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