People pose as famous on Instagram app

Published by adviser, Author: LaRae Ferguson, Date: October 3, 2013

How is it that you can be one person over the Internet and the complete opposite in real life?

One hundred likes on Instagram and suddenly you’re a hot commodity? Who sets the standards?

Apparently we do… although I know it doesn’t need to be said, most of these Instagram famous people don’t look half as good without a filter or Photoshop touchup.

Yet, everyone continues to feed into the hype.

Everyone is so concerned about being prettier than the next girl, smoother than the guy before you, up to date on all the latest trends, and living the glamorous life.

But when it comes down to it, most people who appear to live lavishly don’t have the means to do so. Vacations every few weeks, Louis Vuitton this, Michael Kors that, True Religion Jeans, every pair of Jordan’s that come out… Please, show me your degree and career!

Instagram famous, $12 per/hr job, and the latest Louis bag or Jordan’s…

That’s as far as it appears that most aspirations go. That doesn’t work.

There is no way that should be the end goal for anyone. Instagram has given people a false sense of reality.

And I am afraid to see where it is going to land us all in the future, especially those who are consumed in it.


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