Traffic cameras make drivers more cautious

Published by adviser, Author: Casey Young, Date: September 26, 2013

For a girl who travels two and a half hours to get to Slippery Rock University from my home town of Orchard Park, New York, I have seen my fair share of speed demons on the road.  The cars going between 15 and 25 miles over the speed limit and never seem to get caught by every other car in their wake.  That is, of course, unless you are the speedster.  People need to slow down and realize the speed limit signs are determined for the safety of everyone.

Traffic light cameras and speed cameras have been a source of scrutiny ever since they began popping up all over the country.   Pennsylvania currently allows traffic light cameras in major cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh as well as places where the population exceeds 20,000.  The state does not have any laws or programs regarding speed cameras.

Pennsylvania should strongly consider adding more speed cameras around the state.  The cameras are a win-win for the state and the drivers on the road.  In Washington D.C. alone, $84.9 million in fines are brought in annually with the help of speed and traffic cameras.  They have also decreased fatal crashes around the country, and in some places the decrease is as high as 71 percent.  The cameras are a great way to help the state out of the money problems and drivers from falling into harms way.

Butler county is filled with back country roads that seem to wind dramatically without any warning.  People all over these roads speed well over the limit, despite the obvious dangerous road conditions.  Speed and traffic light cameras could be a valid solution.  People deserve to be safe when they jump into their car and drive around town.  I certainly would not have a problem with the cameras if they decreased my chances of an accident.

Speed and traffic light cameras are not taking away anyone’s freedoms.  They should not be causing any controversy.  I can not understand why so many states have chosen to outlaw such tools for driver safety.  Everyone should safely make it to their destinations when traveling by car.  Speed and traffic light cameras can do the trick.


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