SRU Construction impedes access to Health Center

Published by adviser, Author: The Rocket, Date: September 26, 2013

As construction continues on SRU’s campus students have been complaining about their ability to gain access to the McLachlan Student Health Center.

Fences and maintenance trucks are starting to impede student’s access and rising complaints are circulating around campus.

The McLachlan Health Center, which is located in Rhoads Hall, is open a whopping 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help students take care of themselves and become healthy.

This becomes an increasingly difficult task to achieve when the Health Center is hard to access.  Since the beginning of this academic year, there has been construction all around it and this is starting to impede the access to the front door and parking lot.

Most students that attend Slippery Rock, they know there are multiple ways to get to the Health Center when there is no construction, but as of now students are limited to only two forms of entry. Going around the back of Rhoads Hall or using the winding switchbacks located in front of the building. Having only these two options makes it really hard for someone who is handicapped or on crutches.

With the parking lot being completely taken over by maintenance vehicles and construction debris, this hinders the ability for the Health Center to park their vans anywhere close to the facility. The vans are a convenient feature of the Health Center because they can pick up sick students from the residential halls or even take them to the emergency room if necessary.

As there is construction all over campus, why has it taken so long to complete this project, even though the workers tore up the ground and relayed pipes all summer? We feel that the timing of where the current work is taking place is inconvenient because of the amount of traffic that they receive while students are here attending classes.

Hopefully the work can be completed without any further ado and the Health Center can have the accessibility back to the level where it should be.


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