Bulk Garbage should revolve around the students

Published by adviser, Author: The Rocket, Date: September 19, 2013

Bulk Trash. We’ve seen the signs around town, but how exactly does it effect students, and why?

Bulk trash is the hot topic at Slippery Rock Borough meetings as of recently, and many don’t understand why.

The issue is that the date for Bulk Trash pickup has been changed to September and March.

Bulk Trash pick up used to be the day after Slippery Rock University’s graduation, or at least a day during December and May near the end of the semester.

Most other universities, including other PASSHE schools, have more than one bulk trash pick-up day a semester anyway.

So the big question is, why bother changing the days? The town of Slippery Rock has a population of 3,625 without the SRU student body population. When college is in session, that population is raised to over 11,000 because of the student body of nearly 8,000.

Because so much of the population is made up of transient college students who move in and out every year, it is easy to assume they have the most trash.

Because of the consistency of moving in/out, they’re is bound to be many old, beaten couches, bunk beds that hope to never be used again, and maybe the occasional TV that is still shaped like a cube.

Even though those flat screen TVs might make the cut, what doesn’t is the fact that apartment complexes and landlords are having to rent extraneous dumpsters to accommodate all the leftovers.

Logically, why on earth would bulk trash pickup day not be catered towards students?

Students make up the majority of the population, students make up the majority of the garbage.

Ideally, there should be multiple days centered around student move-in and move-out. Perhaps a week before student move-in, and a week after they move in to get rid of extraneous items they discovered they didn’t need. The same goes for move-out.

It’s just easier to pick up trash around those days and the Borough residents can do it those days just as easily as any other day of the year.

It’s a great time for spring cleaning, isn’t it?


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