Enough is Enough

Published by adviser, Author: LaRae Ferguson, Date: September 12, 2013

Relationships in our generation are corrupted. Men think they are too manly to treat women right. And women do not know their worth and what they deserve. Courting and dating has become a thing of the past and just “talking” and hanging out have become predating terms. Also, there are no incentives for men to do better by women. Leaving nothing to the imagination when getting dressed, young ladies today belittle and expose themselves to negative attention from everyone.

As women, we need to raise our standards. Mediocrity should not be an option, and when you know better you do better. Allowing a cheating man back into your life time and time again, accepting emotional abuse, physical abuse, and even alienation. We have to draw the line somewhere. We are weak because we have no one to help build us up. We as women, stand around watching each other fail time and time again and instead of lending a helping hand, we’re judgmental.

I know we’ve all sat round talking about some girl who has been labeled a “hoe” or the latest rumor that this girl has slept with the next girl’s boyfriend. Since when is this okay? Why have our standards and self-respect plummeted? Bottom line, it is not okay to be a side chick. Nor is it acceptable to have your sex life broadcasted. Enough is enough ladies. Grow up! Raise your standards! And be a women who demands respect from everyone and carry yourself in a way that the people watching have no choice but to respect you!


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