Miley Cyrus a ‘hot mess’ at the VMA’s

Published by adviser, Author: LaRae Ferfuson - Commentary, Date: August 29, 2013

On Sunday August 25, 2013 VH1 premiered their annual Video Music Awards. At the beginning of the awards Miley Cyrus made an attention grabbing entrance.

Her attire on the red carpet was a “hot mess” as most would say. She wore a black crop top and high waist leggings that looked as if they were bejeweled by a five-year-old.

Her hair resembled something of a child’s work as well. Miley’s performance at the VMAs was extremely over the top and inappropriate.

I understand that she is trying to break away from her child star image, but I believe there are more appropriate ways to do it.

Not only did she look raunchy, but she was also gyrating (twerking) on a man old enough to be her father.

The performance was so far-fetched that some people questioned whether or not she was on drugs during the show.

Miley has child fans and needs to find a classier way to transition her career from child star to an adult artist.


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