Ron Paul is the best candidate for the job

Published by adviser, Author: Tim Durr, Date: February 3, 2012

In high school I used to be obsessed with politics, but nowadays it isn’t really my thing.

Like most people, I took the mindset that I was too busy to worry about it, and that all politicians are exactly the same, so it wouldn’t matter who I voted for anyway.

That mindset changed after a few events happened over the past several months.

First, I watched a video called “Inside Job,” which talks about the housing crash and the bank bailouts, and explains in a great amount of detail why those things happened. It’s a great watch and I’d suggest it to all of you.

After watching that movie, I was infuriated with how our government is in bed with all of these banks and how many people looked the other way while all of this was occurring.

This sparked my interest to look back into the political scene and see what was happening. I started to look at the candidates who will make an attempt to run against President Barack Obama in the upcoming 2012 election, and only one person stood out to me.

That person is a native of Pittsburgh, Pa. who was born in 1935 and came into the political scene in the late-1970s. No, not Newt Gingrich. I’m talking about Ron Paul.

Many of you are probably laughing right about now as I say the name Ron Paul, and it’s okay, I forgive you. The media has portrayed Ron Paul as the crazy old guy with outdated views – that is, if the media even addresses him at all.

That’s the first issue that I would like to address with this GOP primary. The media is supposed to be presenting all candidates evenly, but I’ve seen several newscasts and shows where they’ve completely ignored Ron Paul.

In the lead up to the South Carolina primary, all the media talked about was Newt Gingrich, and then he won it. I’m not saying the media is using mind control to sway everyone to vote for a specific candidate, but it’d be nice if there was some equality in the presentation of candidates.

Enough about the media not giving Ron Paul a fair share, or even any share at all. I’m going to attempt to fill everyone in on a crash course about Ron Paul.

When I first heard about Ron Paul, the media attempted to make him out to be a radical old man who wanted to legalize drugs and isolate America from the rest of the world, which isn’t true at all.

Unlike most people, I decided to do some homework into what Ron Paul actually has to say before accepting the media’s judgment.

The main thing that people discussed about Ron Paul was his foreign policy.

In the recent debates, Ron Paul has talked about his views on foreign policy, and when I heard his view, it made complete sense to me.

Ron Paul’s views, at the most basic level, are very simple. They are to mind our own business in the world at large, and not to have military bases that occupy almost every country in the world.

I have seen interviews and videos where Ron Paul explains why he has this view. He talks about events that happened in the 1950s in Iran that led to blowback in the 1970s, which led to the U.S. putting Saddam Hussein in power because he was anti-Iranian. He eventually became our enemy when he entered Kuwait in 1990.

Ron Paul has watched all of these events unfold and realizes that we shouldn’t be dealing in the affairs of all of these countries around the world. What gives us the right to be the police of the world?

I see nothing that gives us that right. When we fight these wars, we end up spending trillions of dollars, losing thousands of lives and adding to the national debt. I could continue to go on about Ron Paul’s view on this issue and that issue, but there are a few other basic things that draw me to him.

First off, Ron Paul is the only candidate who I’ve seen who doesn’t sway back and forth on issues to appeal to the masses. Paul develops a view on an issue and sticks with it.

It seems like every day, Mitt Romney flips his view on an issue. I’m pretty sure that I could offer Romney $10 and a Kit-Kat and he would agree with me on whatever I wanted him to.

On top of the swaying and politicking that Romney and the other GOP hopefuls do, they all fall under the same bureaucratic blanket. Every one of them will be swayed by lobbyists, be in bed with the banks, look out for themselves over the nation, and on and on.

Not Ron Paul. There is a video from 2002 where Ron Paul talks about the path that the United States is headed down and he accurately predicted almost everything that would happen. Now, I’m not saying Ron Paul can predict the future, but I am saying that Ron Paul isn’t afraid of saying what he believes in and has strong principles that he stands behind.

He is also an intelligent man who has the insight to look into what has happened in the past and plan for what will happen in the future.

The main reason I support Ron Paul is because he wants to restore rights back to the people. He wants to cut down on the expansion of big government and eliminate many unnecessary programs at the national level.

Many people see this as Ron Paul wanting to eliminate the government from helping citizens. This is not true. Ron Paul wants to give more rights back to the individual states and allow them to run their own programs with less regulations, because he believes that the individual people can better control a smaller government over controlling a large government.

The main reason that you should support Ron Paul is because he is the only candidate who actually believes in what he says and won’t be swayed once he gets in office. If you want to see the change that Obama promised we’d see, then you want to vote for Ron Paul in Pennsylvania’s primary on April 24.

Pennsylvania has a closed primary so if you are not a registered Republican then you will not be able to vote in the primary.

If you want the country to head in the right direction, register Republican and support Ron Paul for the GOP nomination in 2012.


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