Clements named new SGA president: Distance Party takes control after sweeping election results

Published by adviser, Author: Jonathan Janasik - Rocket News Editor, Date: April 4, 2013

“President of the 2013 – 2014 senate is Rogers Clements,” exclaimed Marcie Johnson while standing on top of the rocks in the middle of the quad.

Results showed that out of the 1,188 students that voted, 70 percent voted for the Distance Party’s candidate, Rogers (Buddy)Clements, while the other 30 percent voted for the T.O.G.A. Party’s presidential candidate Ben Motyl.

“I was surprised,” Clements said. “T.O.G.A is a very strong party. They had a big influence on campus this year, and we were the underdogs.”

“We worked hard, my senators were very dedicated and that’s what won it for us.”

Current SGA president Dave Wolfe stated that either candidate would have been good for the school. He believes that if Ben Motyl would have been elected, SGA would have been business oriented, while with Rogers Clements, he expects a student affairs centered SGA.

“It’s great for the school, and it’s great for the student body,” Wolfe explained.

“He’s going to be very project oriented. You’re going to see a lot of differences on this campus. Buddy has shown all week that he is capable of taking the position, and doing probably much better than I did in my position.”

During the debate last week, Moytl stated that he hopes to continue to work with SGA even if he were not elected as president.

The other candidates that were elected include Vice President of Student Affairs Megan Burr, Vice President of Financial Affairs Abby Schon, Vice President of Internal Affairs Dustin Norcross and Vice President of Campus Outreach Anthony Plumberg

Residence Hall Senators include Abigail Toth for Building A, Antonia Badger for Building B, Connor Mackelvey for Building D, Oliver Laniear for Building E, Alex Mowrey for Building F, Rhoads Bernard Moore for Rhoads Hall, and Timothy Anderson for North Hall.

Joseph Streiff was elected for the Rock Apartments senator.

There was a tie for Watson Hall senator between Tim Ragan and Dan Gladis. There will be an e-mail sent out to the residents of Watson Hall asking to vote between the two.

Jenn Phillips and Corey Fraction won positions as graduate senators.

The elected commuter senators include James Garrity, Cody Moody, AJ Pagano, Courtney Lee, Alexander Merida, John Coulter, and Baylee Childress.

Other commuter senators include Michael Corrado, Jessica Johnson, William Redd, Alys Cook, Cheney Preston, Ben Mader, Melissa K. Anderson, and Maria Montaro.


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